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Leslie Field

Working to save polar ice since 2006, her innovative Ice911 project is an ingenious boots-on-the-ground solution to slowing global warming. An inventor with over 50 US patents, Leslie earned her B.S. and M.S. in chemical engineering from MIT and her MS and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley. She currently runs both Ice911 Research and SmallTech Consulting and lectures at Stanford.

ICE911 is an innovative project geared toward the protection and regeneration of the polar ice cap. Leslie has been conducting research for the project in Barrow, Alaska, far north in the Arctic Circle. I will join her in Barrow in March when she will test her invention on the ice for the last time.

“We preserve Arctic ice by spreading our eco-friendly solution on top of ice in strategic locations. Our material is low-cost, scalable, reversible, and safe for all. Applied in specific locations of the Arctic, it can restore the Earth’s natural heat shield, rebuild wildlife habitat, and help stabilize global climate. Like a white shirt on a hot summer day, our material reflects heat, protecting the ice below.”

Find out more at www.ice911.org

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